The Fox Glacier and the South Westland National Park are one of the few remnants of nature at its purest in the world, and with easy access to the glacier, bush, lakes, rivers and mountains: Fox Glacier is a top destination in anyone’s books.

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We have listed a few activities here for you to get the most out of your stay with us.


Glacier Walks

No where else in the world is such a majestic walking trip located so near to your accommodation. Half Day, Full Day or Helihike. Depending on your fitness, time frame and budget, the worldly acclaimed “Fox Alpine Guides” will accommodate your needs. Check out their web page on


Scenic Flights

Perhaps one of the most popular ways to view the Glacier area is from the air. With Fox and Franz Heliservices you will be transported into a land that time forgot. Aswell as soaring high through our mighty glaciers they will also land on the glacier for you to experience the vastness of this region.


Horse Trekking

Discover the beauty of South Westland on horseback. This is horse riding in paradise with a stunning backdrop of spectacular rainforests and the majestic Southern Alps. Click on this website to find out more.


Eco Touring

Fergs Kayaks South Westland, guide you on a glorious experience across a mirror lake into the mystical rainforests of our region. These National Park Guides explain the glaciation process, which is unique to this region. Click here to find out


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